Comments Guidelines

I review all comments. Here are my guidelines.

Comments should be civil and respectful of others. No one expects everyone to agree on everything, but I do expect courtesy. This is a no-troll zone, so anyone who comes on here to get a rise out of disrupting the blog or bothering others needs to go elsewhere. I will delete inappropriate comments.

Your precious First Amendment Rights apply to the street corners and other public places, not privately owned and administered spaces like this page. As owner of this blog I maintain the right to restrict what is published here. I appreciate rational and well disciplined opinion and well behaved discussion; however, I will not tolerate nor post hate or personal attacks. Disagree with me and others, fine – attack me or others, no. It’s that simple.

  1. You must use a name and a real and verifiable email address (it won’t be published nor sold to third parties – for verification purposes only.)
  2. If you break a rule I will give you one more chance to post without breaking a rule; if you break it again or other rules I will ban you.
  3. No personal attacks. Be civil. It’s all right to disagree, even to become frustrated with those who don’t get your point, but it is not all right to attack a person, call them names, or post racist, bigoted, or libelous statements. This is a no hate zone. Got it?
  4. No spam. Use links for sites that explain points you’re making or vital information to pass along, not to promote your product or video or other off-topic pages. Anything with spam will automatically be deleted. I am currently allowing up to three links for relevant content only.
  5. No obscenities. No trolls.
  6. If your comment posts and I see that you’ve broken a rule I will delete the post.
  7. Stay on topic. This is hard to do, but please try. Thanks!

Rules may be adjusted as needed.

Alan Eggleston
Progressive Times


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