“What’s Wrong with Slavery?”

by Alan Eggleston

Republican extremists just don’t like immigrants. Their talk has turned increasingly ugly, from presidential candidate Trump demeaning Mexicans down to Iowa talk radio right-winger Jan Mickelson, who recently called for enslaving any immigrant who is identified as undocumented, told to leave, but remains in Iowa. He even asked, “What’s wrong with slavery?” Are you kidding me?

Mickelson may not remember, but America declared slavery illegal on January 1, 1863, with the Emancipation Proclamation and sealed the deal by the North winning the Civil War against the South.

He may also not remember that the world declared slavery an act of inhumanity after World War II when members of the then German government were brought to trial for war crimes after they enslaved and killed Jews en masse during the war. Now, Mickelson hasn’t yet called for the mass killing of undocumented immigrants, but who’s to say this won’t come next?

Right wing extremists have a problem discerning who among Hispanics/Latinos and others from south of the U.S. border who live in America are here legally (actual citizens as well as those who are legally documented). Anyone who looks or sounds like someone from this group to the average right-winger is automatically open to suspicion. So the idea of Hispanics and Latinos being continually harassed for documentation (sound familiar?) and any people being rounded up (sound familiar?) for enslavement should be repugnant to any real patriotic American. Americans went to war and died to end this kind of inhumane treatment.

It doesn’t help that Trump and other Republican presidential candidates are stoking the fires of this bigoted rhetoric. Their fans are already taking action based on the hate these candidates are spouting on the campaign trail.

America is heading down a very dark trail with this horrific anti-immigrant rhetoric. That anyone on the campaign trail takes it as serious political policy is a problem that America must address before it does get to the point of enslaving and killing people as a matter of public policy.

© 2015. Alan Eggleston. All Rights Reserved.


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